Health Coverage for Oklahomans

Here’s a story that’s short and sweet. Oklahoma state officials have set a plan in motion to bring health coverage to 100,000 uninsured Oklahomans.

The plan will accept federal tax monies into Oklahoma, improve the health of Oklahomans, and remove some of the financial burden that many hospitals, health centers, and other health care provides undergo due to uncompensated care.

It is important to make sure that the people enrolling into this program will have access to inclusive and affordable health care. State officials claim that it is their highest priority to “avert huge cuts to health services and provider rates” that were proposed by the Health Care Authority, the Mental Health Department, and other agencies that will have to deal with the budget crisis that the state of Oklahoma is currently going through.

The budget crisis here in Oklahoma is hurting a large population within the state, but hopefully is a well-designed plan and by accepting federal funds, the state will start to get back on track.

 So give me the tea, what’s your opinion?


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