Simply Me Publications

Life takes many twists and turns, and everyone has a unique journey. Why not share your unique journey with the world?

This is the question that Simply Me Publications asks all of its prospective clients. Simply Me is a small book publishing company out of Oklahoma City. Owned by Bea Hazley, Simply Me only works with authors who want to write and publish their life stories.

Bea’s purpose behind the company is to help people leave a written legacy. She helps individuals to share their story with the world by publishing their autobiographical work. Bea believes that everyone’s story is worth telling and it will help others on their journey.

Bea also sponsors writing workshops, which have resulted in the publishing of the stories of individuals in the workshops.

I personally think that this is an amazing idea and will hopefully inspire those that have gone through the hardest of times, speak out on them and not let those hard times define who they are. I think that it is also beneficial to those reading the stories to know that they are not alone and things can and will get better by the grace of God. I would hope that companies would take notice and purchase these books and donate them to low-income neighborhood libraries. It’s things like this that enable people to do better. You know the saying “it’s easier said than done?” Well its easier try, when you’ve seen it done, especially by people in your own community.

So give me the tea, what’s your opinion?


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